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Safety, Survival and Emergency Kit Accessories by Outdoorsmen, for Outdoorsmen
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Established in 2019 by adventurers who know what can happen when you are outdoors, Worldwide Survival Systems creates safety, survival and emergency kit packages to keep people prepped for whatever life throws at them. Our Ditch Pack survival packs come loaded with everything from zip ties to pyrotechnics and meal bars to help not only escape life-threatening situations, but survive for days at a time. Personalized to include the user’s vessel or aircraft name, identification numbers and home port or hangar locations, this quality gear protects folks in more ways than one.

We aren’t just about the survival pack, however. With a full range of quality survival products, including life rafts and GPS tracking technology, we’re dedicated to being people’s go-to for when the going gets tough. After all, we’re all about safety and survival. Reach out to us with any questions you have at [email protected].

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