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Shop Ditch Pack Options and Survival Gear for Any Emergency. Free Shipping in the continuous 48 states
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When it comes to safety, survival and day use gear needed during your adventures, “OK” doesn’t cut it sometimes. Worldwide Survival Systems’ range of gear arms people with what they need to get out — and keep going — no matter where their adventures take them. From the high-tech personal locator beacon to the fully-stocked Ditch Pack,to life rafts and other gear that's built to last, we know your safety and survival is serious business

Emergency Packs

Flashlights, pyrotechnics, emergency meals and even zip ties — each ditch pack comes stocked with your adventure in mind.
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VHF GPS systems, personal locator beacons and other electronics to help people get the lay of the land in any situation.
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Life Rafts

Getting to safety is what matters. The life rafts we offer are built tough and work with our ditch packs.
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Medical Kits

Kits for inland to offshore trips for two to six people. All kits also include day use products.
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Mini Kits & Other Gear

You may already have your own Ditch Pack, but need a few of our kits to finish it off.
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